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_“Make a wish. But… be careful what you wish for_!”


_Astrid Productions_ is proud to announce the world premiere of their inaugural production, the enchanting tale of _Aladdin and His Magic Lamp._


With a story of magic and mysticism unfolding straight off the pages of the original _One Thousand and One Nights_ folktales, this bold new production promises to take audiences on a magical journey of Arabian nights. 


Featuring the expertise of an internationally-lauded and award-winning creative team, with the star power of some of South Africa’s freshest and finest stage talents, _Aladdin and His Magic Lamp_ invites you to experience a whole new world of magic and romance live on stage.


Say ‘open sesame’ to a world of adventure as we follow street urchin Aladdin on his journey for riches and love; meet a wise-cracking genie with more than just wishes up his sleeve; watch how a beautiful young princess searches for true love; and experience the cunning of an evil wizard hellbent on keeping all the treasures for himself!


With an original score, contemporary dance performances, mesmerising special effects, and breathtaking outfits, _Aladdin and His Magic Lamp_ is an energetic and heartwarming one-of-a-kind live theatre production, which the whole family will enjoy.

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